Lose something at a game?  Find something someone left behind?  Use the EXCHANGE to post Lost & Found ads and reunite a player with his forgotten equipment!  Be sure to include "LOST" or "FOUND" in the ad title.


Got some "gently used" equipment gathering dust in the garage?  Looking for some gently used pads for a new player?  Post them on the EXCHANGE and help out another player!  The EXCHANGE allows you to post and review ads for used lacrosse gear from other players.  The service is free and only takes a few minutes.  Instructions for creating your ad are provided.  You can even add a picture of your item.  


Use of this service constitutes your express agreement with these terms and conditions.  By using this service you agree to release and hold harmless Tewksbury Youth Lacrosse from all liability associated with posting and/or responding to ads.  Tewksbury Youth Lacrosse does not warrant or guarantee any ad, information contained therein or item posted.  Any transaction that may result from using this service is solely between private entities and is in no way connected to or endorsed by Tewksbury Youth Lacrosse.

The Tewksbury Youth Lacrosse equipment exchange page is free to post on and designed for use only by members of the Tewksbury Youth Lacrosse community for lost & found items and private party sale/swap of lacrosse equipment.  All ads are reviewed by Tewksbury Youth Lacrosse for content and appropriateness prior to publication.  Ads with inappropriate content, commercial marketing or not deemed relevant to the Tewksbury Youth Lacrosse community will be deleted prior to publication.  Tewksbury Youth Lacrosse reserves the right to deny or delete any or all ads at any time at its sole discretion.


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