2019 TYLA Fall Recreational Lacrosse League


Welcome to TYLA spring lacrosse!  Based on current registration levels, we will have 3 divisions for the 2019 season:


Clinic Division:

This is for our players in prekindergarten and kindergarten (Ages 4 & 5).  Sessions of this division will be held each Sunday (excluding the weekend of Columbus Day) at 11 am.  Players will rotate through 4-6 skill based stations finishing with short-sided games.  The clinic division sessions are expected to last roughly 1 hour , and parents are expected to remain at the field as this is not a drop-off event at this age group.  No equipment is required as it is entirely provided by the league.

Junior Division:

This is for players in grades 1 & 2 who will be placed onto individual teams of 5-6 players.  Once per week, all teams will practice in a skill-based session on Wednesday evenings from 5:30 – 6:30 pm.  On Sunday afternoons at 12 pm, games will be held.  While no contact is allowed in these games, due to the potential for inadvertent contact, players are required to utilize a protective mouthguard.

Senior Division:

The senior division will run in the exact same manner as the Junior Division for players in 3rd and 4th grade.

Season Schedule:

Wednesdays                      Jr/Sr Practice Nights

                 9/11; 9/18; 9/25; 10/2; 10/16; 10/23

Sundays                              Clinic Sessions    11 – 12 pm

                         Rec Games        12 – 1 pm

9/15; 9/22; 9/29; 10/6; 10/20; 10/27


Game Rules:

The games in the Junior & Senior Division will follow these rules:

  • Four quarters of 10 minutes, running time
  • 4 on 4 with no goalie
  • Horn blown at 5 minutes for substitutions
  • 1 Attacker, 2 Middies, and 1 Defender
  • Initial possession determined by coin flip
  • After a goal, the defending team takes the ball from their goal line
  • Balls passed out of bounds will cause a change in possession
  • Balls shot out of bounds will be awarded to the team with a player closest to the ball when it leaves the field
  • Possession will alternate at the start of each quarter, at substitutions, and on whistles due to loose ball scrums
  • No contact between players
  • Players are allowed to check their opponents’ stick head only. Any contact with the player will result in a warning. Multiple or significant contact may result in a forced substitution at the discretion of the official.


If you have any questions, please email us at rec@tewksburylax.org